Custom Work

 Custom work is always a fun experience. It is almost always something with great meaning, like an engagement or anniversary, and takes a lot of care and thought to convey the exact message of the commission. Below are some examples of commissioned works along with their descriptions. I would be happy to talk to you about making something completely one of a kind for your special event!

    This commissioned ring was an experience for both my customer and myself. I made this ring based on a previous pendant idea, playing with the multitude of colors and saturations in tourmaline. We decided to go with a "old meets new" design utilizing bead setting, milgrain edging and an intricate under gallery layout. After assembling, polishing, and setting the stones we were both enamored by the ring. I convinced them to let me enter it into the AGTA spectrum awards. One morning I got a call from the AGTA telling me that the ring had won "Best use of color" in the awards this year. My customer was beyond excited as was I. It felt great to have the opportunity to design and create an award winning piece of jewelry with a good customer.

This beautiful pendant was a custom commission. It features a bi-color tourmaline from the Himalaya mine in California, and is surrounded by Maine tourmalines from Newry, Mt Mica, and the Havey Quarry. I really enjoyed playing with the color gradients, tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone that give so many different color palates to work with,

This commission was based on the two bright green gemstones at the top of these earrings. They are highly collectable Russian Demantoid Garnets. I wanted to do something to accentuate the vivid color and rarity so we added the fancy intense yellow diamonds, some tsavorites garnets, and set them all in 18kt. The earrings strike a wonderful balance and have a really clean design.

I was greatly honored to design around and set the stones in this pair of earrings. The bright orange colored Spessartine garnets were faceted by award winning lapidary Stephen Kotlowski. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for stones cut by such a master. I decided on a rare stone to compliment the stunning orange hue of the garnets, Benitoite. Benitoite is only mined in California and is extremely rare, the best color rivaling the best vivid blue of sapphire. As you can see the benitoites are perfectly matched and compliment the spessartine garnets perfectly. Sitting atop each earring is a one carat diamond.