My Studio

My studio is located in the beautiful mountains of Maine. I use a variety of different tools and equipment to produce all of the hand crafted jewelry and unique gemstones that you see here. I am constantly researching new methods and tools to explore different metalworking and lapidary techniques.

I primarily use a facetron for my flat precision style faceting. I have a variety of different diamond laps and abrasives that I use to shape, pre polish and polish fine gemstones of all types.

Fantasy Cutting
I use a variety of 3 different machines to do my fantasy work, a facetron, an Ultratec Fantasy machine, and an OMF machine. This style of faceting is a combination of carving and faceting and is much more of an art than a science. The time spent on cutting a one of a kind gemstone this way is often worth the results and provides a truly unique gemstone.

Bench work
My metalworking bench has a variety of tools including files, a torch, a flex shaft, large variety of rotary abrasives, a microscope, and laser welder. I can create and assemble complex one of a kind designs with the tools that I have learned to use and added to my studio.